Past Announcement      Published: Sat, Apr 15, 2023

2023 Ramadan Halaqa in the Mosque after Taraweeh Salat...

Assalamoalaikum, Hope everyone is enjoying the Barakats of the month of Ramadan...

Insha'Allah, we're going to have the Halaqa for the last few nights of Ramadan starting Thursday, 4/13 after Taraweeh:

Day 1: Thursday, 4/13 @11 PM until 12:30 AM EST (Topic: Tafsir of Surah Al-fatiha)
Day 2: Friday, 4/14 @11 PM until 2 AM EST (Topic: Meaningful Prayers)
Day 3: Saturday, 4/15 @11 PM until 2 AM EST (Topic: Meaningful Prayers)

We encourage everyone to join us in the mosque.
P.S. "Meaningful Prayers outline" can be downloaded from this link and recommend to take print out for yourself:

Jazak Allah Khair...


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